Who is behind RetinApp?

The RetinApp team consists of a dedicated group of retina and optic nerve specialists, computer science engineers, and professional eye doctors who have your best interests at heart. We’ve partnered with exceptional companies, customers, and healthcare providers to create a platform that gives you instant access to reliable eye care.

We’ve carefully created a sprawling eye care eco-system so that we can revolutionize the world of optic health, one professional retina screening at a time.

Main Partners

Our Mission

We’re striving to make reliable eye care more accessible. Our team of dedicated retina and optic nerve specialists are empowering healthcare providers around the world with professional retina screenings that are efficient, high-quality, and accessible.

Our Vision

Our company vision is one of complete clarity. We want our partners, stakeholders, and customers to know exactly how to access and implement our professional retina screenings as seamlessly as possible.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our work and services, our integrity, and our compassionate care.

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