Give Your Customers the Professional Retina Screenings They Deserve

By using RetinApp, you can provide your patients with reliable eye care they can trust. Our innovative platform facilitates professional connections between opticians and retina and optic nerve specialists to drive excellent and holistic eye care services.

As an optician, you’re often your patients’ first choice when it comes to getting the reliable eye care and professional advice they need. We’ll help you create and maintain long-lasting and professional relationships with your customers thanks to RetinApp.

Do You Have A Fundus Camera?

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Experience the Convenience of Holistic Care

As retina and optic nerve specialists, we know how incredibly important it is to form a close working relationship with your patients. Allow us to give you the tools you need to add endless value to your unique eye care service offers.

You could help your patients prevent irreversible damage in minutes thanks to RetinApp’s exceptional features and capabilities. Find out now!

Services as Unique as Your Patients

Improve Your Customer Relationships

Go above and beyond for the people who need you most by offering your patients the holistic and reliable eye care services they need whenever they need it.

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How Does RetinApp Work?

You can start doing professional retina screenings as soon as you sign up and provide us with more information about your company. We’ll take care of the rest, so that you’ll have more time to focus on your priorities as a reliable eye care service provider.

Our Screening Procedure

1. Register Your Customer

2. Take Fundus Pictures

3. Get Your Eye Specialist Report

4. Discuss the Report with Your Customer

What You Need


Company or Practice


A Computer with Internet Access

What You Get


Instant Access to Our Platform’s Eco-System


Lightning-Fast Set Up


Custom-Branded Eye Reports


Reports Created by Retina and Optic Nerve Specialists


Get advertisment adivce and printing materials


Access to Our Document Bundles

This includes the Terms of Service, a Screening Fact Sheet, and a Privacy Policy

Make The Screenings, We’ll Do The Rest

Our Mission & Values

Setting Our Sights on Progress

The RetinApp team is a dedicated group of ophthalmologists (retina and optic nerve specialists) and engineers (computer scientists) who have your best interests at heart. We work with healthcare providers and insurers to offer cost-effective, high-quality eye screening.

Our Mission

We are committed to making reliable eye care more accessible. Our team of dedicated retina and optic nerve specialists supports healthcare providers around the world with professional retinal screenings that are efficient, high-quality and cost-effective.

Our Vision

Our company vision is one of complete clarity. We want our partners, stakeholders, and customers to know exactly how to access and implement our professional retina screenings as seamlessly as possible.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our work. It gives us pleasure to offer this quality at an affordable price so that everyone can benefit from good eye care.


Frequently Asked Questions

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