The Foresight You Need

One of the most important aspects of reliable eye care is providing patients and healthcare providers with a faster way to detect potential eye disease. Retina and optic nerve specialists are able to detect potential issues by looking at the back of a patient’s eye.

Early detection can not only prevent irreversible damage but also save time, money and effort for patients and healthcare professionals everywhere. Patients who suffer from high blood pressure, have diabetes, or are older than 40 should invest in a professional retina screening once every year to detect the following conditions and more:




macular degeneration

This is a loss of vision in the middle of a patient’s visual field



Known as high blood-pressure



This is excessive pressure in a patient’s eye



This is a type of skin cancer that could spread to a patient’s eye




Optic Nerve Damage


and more ...

Our professional retina screenings are fast, non-invasive, and available at your nearest point of service. To find the point of service closest to you, please complete the form shown to the right.

Find Your Nearest Point of Service

How Does It Work?

  1. Visit Your Nearest POS (Point of Service)

    Fill in our contact form to find it.

  2. Screening Explanation
    and Data Collection

    Your POS will tell you exactly what a professional retina screening is, why you need it and which information we’ll need. Afterwards, your POS will collect the necessary data before taking the retina pictures.

  3. Report Generation

    After your professional retina screening, you’ll be provided with a report compiled by a retina and optic nerve specialist.

  4. Recommendations

    Your POS will follow up to explain their recommendations and answer any questions you might have.

Our Mission & Values

Setting Our Sights on Progress

The RetinApp team is a dedicated group of ophthalmologists (retina and optic nerve specialists) and engineers (computer scientists) who have your best interests at heart. We work with healthcare providers and insurers to offer cost-effective, high-quality eye screening.

Our Mission

We are committed to making reliable eye care more accessible. Our team of dedicated retina and optic nerve specialists supports healthcare providers around the world with professional retinal screenings that are efficient, high-quality and cost-effective.

Our Vision

Our company vision is one of complete clarity. We want our partners, stakeholders, and customers to know exactly how to access and implement our professional retina screenings as seamlessly as possible.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our work. It gives us pleasure to offer this quality at an affordable price so that everyone can benefit from good eye care.

The Foresight You Need


Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or are you over 40 years old?